Inspirational Habits

Though your everyday habits may seem small and insignificant, they are actually vitally important. When you have a variety of bad habits, the chances of your life going smoothly and happily is much more difficult. What you do every day, repeatedly, helps dictate how your future will turn out. Think about it for a moment—successful people tend to have the same types of habits and those who haven't really been successful in life also tend to share a lot of the same habits. When it comes to feeling inspirational and being inspirational, there are some very powerful habits that can help keep you feeling mentally strong and inspired. This chapter will explore some of the very best habits for becoming and staying inspired. Try replacing some of your bad habits with some of the good ones below and you are likely to see a dramatic improvement in your everyday life.

Some Of The Best Inspirational Habits
Don't Think About Materialism. Throughout life, it can be easy to get caught up in the world of commercialism or materialism—that is, focusing more on what physical things you can get (money, clothes, jewelry, cars, the latest electronics, etc.). Get into the mindset that it is better to give and live in the present moment, rather than to try and get all of the assets that you can. By getting into this habit, you can see just how great life can be without having the latest popular sneakers or the latest handbag. You can focus more on finding ways to tackle real-life issues for both yourself and others. A great strategy for doing this is to make a list of all the things that you are currently grateful for in your life. You may be surprised at just how abundant you truly are and this can allow you to spend your precious mental power on more important matters instead of being envious, jealous, or always wanting something more.
Be Unique and Different. A great poem once spoke of a person picking one of two paths to walk down and the person picked the path that was obviously not traveled by many people, and then later he went on to say that it was a great choice. Be like the person in that poem and be brave. Be courageous. Dare to be different and do things that other people typically wouldn't do (positive, legal things, of course!). You never know what kind of impact you can have on the world just by doing something different than everybody else. Although it can sometimes feel like people look at you differently when you're unique, many people often secretly admire your ability to be unique.
Focus on Values, Be Successful. Get into the habit of focusing on your core values. Some of the most common values that people hold dear are their families, their religion, and their morals. Most of the time, your values are enough to inspire you to accomplish great things. For example, you might be inspired to start your own business because your parents struggled with hourly jobs and you do not want to provide that kind of life for your family. As long as your actions reflect your values, your chances of success will be greater.
Take Risks. Unless you take risks in your life, you may miss out on some of the best opportunities. In other words, you don't know if you will succeed at something unless you try. That way, if you do fail, you will know that you gave it your all and you will have a better chance at feeling inspired to try something else. Want to help the less fortunate? Do it! Want to apply for your dream job? Do it! Never give up! Many times in life, the most successful people aren’t the smartest or the most qualified, they are the ones brave enough to take a risk and go for their dreams.
Think Positive. Positive thoughts can help you take action whenever you feel inspired. They also leave you in a better position to recognize and capitalize on good opportunities. If your head is filled with too many negative thoughts, your ability to be inspirational and actionable can severely decline. While it is definitely not always easy to do this, here are some good steps to take to get you thinking positively. Positive affirmations are excellent for combatting negative thoughts. Come up with empowering phrases and repeat it over and over in your head. Over time, these positive phrases can override much of the negative thoughts pop up in all of us from time to time. An example of a good positive affirmation is: “I am strong, happy, healthy, and loving life!” Another good idea is to limit your exposure to negative people. Try and surround yourself with positive and uplifting people and you may be surprised at how much happier and inspired you can be. Watch Your Reactions. How you react to people, events, and circumstances can have a dramatic effect on your life. Your reactions generally reflect your attitude, which is usually a reflection on your actions and decisions. Although it can be difficult, if you can learn not to over react when things don’t go the way you want them to, it will help you out much more in the long term. For example, if you react badly to a piece of criticism by your boss, you will likely not get as far as you would if you had reacted in a positive light, ready to make positive changes in your work ethic.
Be Reliable and Trustworthy. Show up to your commitments and go through with the things you say. This can help you stay on top of your game, whether at home or at work. For example, if you say you're going to start a fundraiser, do it, go through with it. When you take immediate action, you are more likely to complete your task and future tasks. Doing this also helps you become more credible and reliable to others—and that can often bring you much more opportunities. People who can be relied upon and trusted are greatly revered in society, and those who get through life by lying, making excuses, and performing poorly are generally looked down upon and disliked.
Stick to Your Passions and Talents. Have you ever put one of your talents or passions on the back-burner because it wasn't “practical” or a good career path? The fear of failure or of being judged harshly has led many people to follow a path that has made them miserable. The happiest people in life are those who are able to make a living by following their passion. It doesn’t matter what others say, it’s your life. Even if it takes you decades, being able to find your passion and live a fulfilling life is priceless. When you are following your passion, you are no longer working; you are living at your true potential and inspiration will naturally follow you wherever you go.
Never Verbally Berate Others. People often forget things you say or do but very rarely do people forget it if you hurt their feelings. With bullying and cyber bullying on the rise in today's world, even between adults, you can make a difference by saying kind things to others. By doing this, you can also inspire others to do the same and you are much more likely to have things go your way with that person in the future if needed. There was once a story about a man who walked his way to a bridge and jumped off it. Later on, his family found a suicide note that said, he would have turned around if one person smiled at him on his way to the bridge. I don't know how true that story is, but it is a great example of how one small kind gesture can change the life of a stranger.
Take the Reins of Your Life. It is easy to let yourself get caught up in your daily responsibilities, so much so that your life begins to take charge of you. Turn it the other way around and take charge of your life. You control your destiny and all the good things that come from it by doing the right things. By knowing what works best for you and making a strategic plan for doing them effectively, you can get so much more done and be much more effective. For more detailed help in this matter.
Overcome Fear. To accomplish almost anything big, you must overcome your fears. Fear can hold you back from many things. Identify the fog of fear that is holding you back and clear it from your life. Once you master how to overcome fear, you can feel more inspired to take more risks and try new things. Learning how to overcome fear can also help you boost your self-confidence and motivation. For more information on defeating fear in your life.
Forgiveness and Keeping the Past in the Past. If you focus too much on your past and not you’re present, the chances of you creating a better future for yourself can go down dramatically. What you do in the present directly affects where you end up in the future. If you must focus on the past, allow it to inspire you to improve. However, if your past is in front of you, you will keep going in circles. Be sure to utilize the healing power of forgiveness to allow this to happen. Everyone has anger, resentment, hatred, and other unhealthy emotions that do nothing towards adding real value to your life. By allowing yourself to forgive the people or circumstances in the past that cause these emotions to surface, you can instead focus on more positive and uplifting things that can help move yourself forward. It is also much easier to feel inspired when you are in a positive frame of mind than when you are angry and frustrated about things that happened months, years, or even decades ago. If you would like more help in letting go of things from the past.
Appreciate Your Challenges. Make it a habit to look at your challenges and struggles in a positive light—they brought you to where you are now. Anticipate your future challenges and struggles as things that will help you learn and grow. Whenever you're feeling discouraged, remind yourself of a previous challenge that you overcame and in what ways it positively affected your life—this can help you get through the next challenge. It is also a good idea to have a success journal. In this journal you can write down all of the great accomplishments and things that happened throughout your life. By reading this journal daily, you will feel inspired to tackle your goals with renewed strength and ferocity. I also personally like to put these successes on a voice recorder and then play them back whenever I like. You may be surprised at how many incredible things you have done throughout your life that don’t easily pop back into your head without these nice little reminders.
Help Others. By giving others a hand when they are down or out, you can feel good about yourself. It also builds up good karma and is great for your reputation. Also, many people like to pay good deeds forward which have all sorts of positive unintended consequences. After you feel how good it is to help others, you will be more likely to do it again in the future.
Be the Change. One of the best inspirational habit to get into is to be the change that you want to make. Don't wait around for it to happen because you don't know if it actually will. Take the action necessary to make the change. Also, when becoming the change you want to see, aim for the biggest impact possible. Think of it this way—if you have a loved one who suffers from a disease without a cure, don't just try to raise awareness on the local level...try as hard as you can to raise awareness on the global level. That way, you start a trend, and not only will you be helping your loved one but you will be helping other peoples' loved ones at the same time. By learning how to work together on a global scale, you can make great changes that will have a positive impact on lives for years. Inspirational Reading, Music, and Pictures. It isn’t always easy to feel inspired and it is very tough to make it come on demand. You can greatly increase your chances of becoming inspired by regularly reading inspirational quotes, stories, biographies or literature. Music is also an incredible motivating force! Be sure to collect the music that makes you feel good and that inspires you towards action. One of my favorite things to do is to make my own music play lists comprised of all my favorite motivational and inspirational songs. By listening to inspirational music daily, you greatly increase your chances of being inspired to accomplish your goals in life. Finally, beautiful artwork and pictures can be very inspiring. I have beautiful artwork all over my house and a variety of books filled with all sorts of magnificent pictures. One of my favorite things to do is to cut out my favorite pictures, put them on poster board, frame it, and hang it on the wall. Old calendars and picture books are great for this. I also do the same for my own personal books of favorite pictures. If I see a great picture in a magazine, online, or anywhere I else, I simply print it out or cut it out and then add it to my own personal picture book. Try listening to your favorite music while looking at your favorite pictures for a really good boost.

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