How To Successfully Manage Your Twitter Account

So you're starting to gets hundreds of followers—now what? One thing you may notice is that your Twitter news feed may begin to get overwhelming. Before you started to work on growing your follower base, you may have added random people: friends, family, colleagues, or anyone who was willing to follow you. You may have also followed your favorite celebrities or musicians. These might be people who you no longer need on your news feed, especially if you're trying to narrow your follower base to a specific niche.
Then of course you have those who send out 5 tweets an hour instead of 5 tweets a day—on any type of social media platform, those types of users can get annoying. If you find it hard to read and manage your news feed, using Twitter can easily become frustrating and you may feel tempted to quit—DON'T! Twitter is such an underestimated, powerful social media tool and it is too valuable to throw away. There are things that you can do to better manage your news feed and account so that you can get the most out of this platform without having to sift through spam, annoying tweeters and anything else unnecessary.
This is where some more great third-party programs come in. One is TweetDeck. This programs allows you to easily organize your page, ranging from column-based lists, trends, mentions and searches. If you have multiple accounts, you can use this program to organize each one in a separate column. You can download this program to your computer or mobile device and is definitely recommended. TweetDeck also allows you to automatically schedule your tweets ahead of time free of charge. Hootsuite is another popular tool that you can use to manage your page. Unlike TweetDeck, Hootsuite is a web-based application and ranges from free to paid memberships. It has similar features but allows you to integrate other social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook.
ManageFlitter has an excellent “unfollow” tool. This feature shows you users that you are following who don't follow you back, post, have a profile picture, etc. Watch ManageFlitter's Unfollow Walkthrough YouTube video by GrowYourTwitterNetwork to see just how easy it is to rid your Twitter account of useless, negative, or spammy accounts.
If you're using Twitter on your smart-phone, there is a handy little app called TweetCaster that can manage your news feed by hiding tweets as opposed to unfollowing that user. Twitterific is an app for Apple products that you can use to filter trending topics, hashtags, and usernames as well as send push notifications to your device whenever you are mentioned.
SocialOomph is another popular Twitter-management tool that focuses on boosting productivity and automation. Using this tool, which has both a free and paid version, you can schedule tweets in advance, track keywords, reuse drafts, keep your direct message inbox clean and link up to 5 different accounts. You can even erase all of your tweets and start from scratch! The paid version allows you to automatically follow back a user who has followed you. It also allows you to directly send a message to new follows (which can be great for marketing), find new users through a keyword search, sort users into lists, all while offering full quality and spam control.

More Account Management Tips:
Log into each account at least once a day
Check your mentions and direct messages
Filter spam
Respond to important messages ASAP
Use at least 1 automation program to regulate each account
Plan content one month ahead of time

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