The Power of Why

In our articles you can read about experiment with the monkeys as well as speculated on “why” people do the things they do, with or without a tangible reward. The power of asking the question “why” is a huge motivator for becoming inspirational. Many people do not need a tangible award to find satisfaction. Often times, they become inspired to do something just for the enjoyment it brings them or others.
For example, if you asked yourself, “Why do I work out hard?” your answer may be, “Because I want to look great in my bathing suit.” Why do you work two jobs? “Because I love my kids and want to give them the best life possible.” Remember in Chapter 1, how I rhetorically asked why people become volunteer first responders? Maybe it is because they lost a friend or a family member to an emergency and wanted to become an EMT to help prevent others from experiencing that. Whenever you ask “why” you want to do something, it should be followed with an answer that starts with, “Because...”
Asking the question “why?” can be a very powerful strategy in almost every aspect of your life and career. When you were a young child, you probably asked your parents, “why?” many times. It was because you wanted to better understand how things worked. However, learning is never-ending, and even as an adult, you can still use the question “why?” to gain a deeper understanding of how things work. By gaining a deeper understanding of how things work, your chances of feeling more inspired to move towards your goals will likely be much higher.
Asking the question “why?” is how many people end up making changes in themselves and in the world. This is usually because asking “why?” can lead you to the root cause of a problem. When you know the root cause of a problem, you can work on fixing it. I know this can sound a little confusing, so I will use a specific example to try and make this a bit clearer.
Let's say that you had a great idea...a solution to a worldwide problem. It could help people for years. However, to get that idea out to the world, you would have to put yourself out there and push it. While this may not be hard for some people, it could be much more difficult if you have a strong fear of failure or if you dread speaking in public. So, if you were to allow your fear of public speaking to overcome you, then it is likely your idea wouldn't make it very far and not too many lives would change. By simply asking yourself, “Why am I fearful of public speaking?” you can figure out the root cause—it may of been a bad experience that happened to you when you were younger. Common bad experiences in public speaking include getting teased by classmates or getting reprimanded by your teacher while you spoke in front of everybody.
Once you've figured out the root cause of your fear of public speaking, you will then be more aware of it and you can take steps to fix it. You can learn how to improve your public speaking skills and self-confidence until you're ready to face large audiences. Now, if you hadn't asked yourself, “Why am I fearful of public speaking?” then you may have never been able to overcome your fear and get your great ideas out to the world. Do you now have a better understanding of how powerful the question of “why?” can be? Asking “why?” about almost anything can be effective. It doesn't just have to be about fears. When thinking about your future and your goals, ask yourself why you want to accomplish that goal. The answer to this question can serve as your main motivator and inspire you to work towards that goal each day. For example, if you want to be in great shape, ask yourself why. If the answer is so that you would feel confident enough to ask that special someone on a date, then be sure that you are thinking of this each day in the gym as you are steadily getting better and better.
When thinking about your past, ask yourself why you felt a certain way and then learn from that experience. When making a decision in the present moment, ask yourself why you would pick one route over the other. By taking a few moments to ask yourself this one word question, you can master a very powerful, yet simple, tool. Once you have the answer, be sure to write it down and remind yourself of it often. Use it as fuel to keep you inspired to keep moving towards your goal.

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